It’s all in the detail!

Take a look at our stair design process from concept to completion!

A stair, often referred to as ‘the core’, literally and figuratively sits at the heart of a building. It connects spaces together vertically creating a journey through the building. At KSR, our team of talented designers work closely with clients to design spaces that meet their needs.


Our design process starts with concept sketches, which are developed through an iterative process from rough sketches, to concept models and 3D visualisations, which give a realistic impression of how the finished stair will appear

This design process is assisted through BIM; a digital modelling tool which facilitates accurate coordination between members of the design team. This helps to easily communicate ideas, ensuring final product achieves the client’s vision

Great attention is given to the selection of materials which we carefully consider and present; they give a space it’s character and quality.  The use of different textures, colour and tone brings the stair to life.

Great design is in the detail. Once the overall concept for the scheme has been agreed, our designers refine the design, modelling connections, working closely with manufacturers and suppliers, resulting in the construction of quality elements.