It starts with a sketch

A sketch captures and communicates an idea; it is visual language.

An expression of creativity, ingenuity and practicality, architectural sketches can communicate complex, elaborate even whimsical ideas yet at the same time allow the exploration of how a project might develop and ultimately work in real life.


As architects, sketching enables us to capture an idea and evolve the initial concept with freedom and imagination.

From more traditional designs to ultra contemporary concepts, from massing to façade detailing, we employ sketches to explore and evaluate our ideas.


Throughout the interior design process, we draw upon a variety of techniques to create a collage of images, products and finishes in Photoshop. We also sketch over digital prints created in Lumion. These enhanced visuals help our clients appreciate the internal space and so get a better understanding of the end product.


Sketches help us to pre-empt problems and explore solutions. It is a direct way of communicating a project with one single image, especially when combined with annotations and diagrams.