Regeneration & Placemaking


Creating Positive Communities

Regeneration and Placemaking projects are usually major, long term proposals often in a politically charged setting. For these projects, clear, strategic thinking is essential, along with a willingness to collaborate with a range of experts. We realise that engagement with the many interested parties, from local communities to politicians, demands the use of appropriate communications to ensure a clear message is sent out.

We have developed a strategy for going beyond Placemaking within the public realm to create a healthy and positive total experience which we refer to as Curating Places. We start by questioning WHY: why is something important within a locality, why is a change being driven, why do people react in a particular way? Once these questions have been considered and the profound demands and desires understood, we can consider HOW to respond and only then contemplate WHAT the product will be.

KSR obtained planning permission for a 13 storey mixed-use development spanning two Conservation Areas behind King’s Cross and forming the gateway to the emerging Camley Street Regeneration Area. As part of a large regeneration scheme, the design was progressed collaboratively with the architects for adjacent sites. The development won the New London Architecture Award 2015 for Best Unbuilt Mixed-Use Development and was shortlisted for the Mayor’s Prize.

For the last 10 years, we have been working on a masterplan for a new prestigious community on a site to the west of Moscow. We have prepared design codes to control the spirit of the development and create village-like neighborhoods. By working closely with the landscape architects we have ensured that the scheme is permeable, child-friendly, and connected with nature.

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