Masterplanning and Placemaking projects are usually major, long term proposals often in a politically challenging setting. For these projects, clear, strategic thinking is essential, along with a willingness to collaborate with a range of experts. We realise that engagement with the many interested parties, from local communities to politicians, demands the use of appropriate communications to ensure a clear message is sent out.

KSR has developed a strategy for going beyond Placemaking within the public realm to create a healthy and positive total experience which we refer to as Curating Places. We start by questioning WHY: why is something important within a locality, why is change being driven, why do people react in a particular way? Once these questions have been considered and the profound demands and desires understood, we can consider HOW to respond and only then contemplate WHAT the product will be.

The key therefore is understanding people and their interactions with the physical environment around them. With careful curating, a great place can become a great experience and takes masterplanning and urban design beyond being a purely functional response. We bring our knowledge of placemaking and masterplanning to areas in need of a mindful approach to benefit the surrounding locale.

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