KSR & Parapluie : A Creative Collaboration

At KSR Architects & Interior Designers, we specialise in creating beautiful and ultimately bespoke homes. Investing time in getting to know our clients from the outset is vital as we seek to deliver architecture and interior design with relevance, meaning and emotional connection. We understand that every space we craft is a canvas for self-expression and art is integral to making these spaces truly unique. We are, therefore, delighted that through our collaboration with art advisory firm Parapluie, we can design with art in mind.

Parapluie was founded in 2017 by Julia Bell, a Spear’s 500 Top Recommended Art Advisor (2022/23). Drawing upon Julia’s 25 years’ experience, we are now able to offer our clients a full 360-degree art advisory and commissioning service.


The fusion of art and interior design is not merely an aesthetic endeavour; it signifies a visual intelligence and appreciation for all aspects of design. Julia is, therefore, very much part of the architecture and interior design journey. Art informs our approach to creating successful spaces for our clients. Our designs consider artistic impact, technical installation, environmental conditions and long-term care and maintenance.


The final placement of the artwork is the result of a conversation between architect, interior designer and art expert. To ensure the longevity of a piece, we consider factors such as temperature, light exposure and moisture control. Some picture frames even incorporate miniature dehumidifying technology, while other works are intentionally left exposed, allowing them to become living pieces that evolve with time.


Complementing our own international portfolio, Parapluie also enjoys global reach. Julia’s network of artists, both well-known and up-and-coming, in the UK and overseas, ensures that our clients have access to many of today’s finest contemporary works.


Parapluie does not have a stable of artists and so is able to present independent and impartial recommendations and advice. This artistic freedom aligns perfectly with our “style agnostic” approach.

Working in collaboration with the designers at KSR, Parapluie can manage the entire process of sourcing art for a client’s new home; from negotiations with artists and galleries, attending fairs and auction houses, through to the logistics of transport, delivery and installation. With Julia and her team managing the intricate legal and contractual arrangements, we and our clients are assured of a smooth and efficient service.


We have worked with Julia and her team on a number of significant projects, just recently collaborating with her on the award-winning IO House. This exceptional family home presents an eclectic taste in contemporary art. Spanning a mix of media, the collection includes neons by Tracey Emin and David Shrigley, installation by Rana Begum and lenticulars by Julian Opie.


The collection required meticulous curation to ensure cohesion and pace throughout the three-level building. Early conversations ensured the interior design worked in harmony with the art, rather than creating discord.

“As architects and interior designers, we seek to create spaces that celebrate the unique personality of our clients. Art is a very personal expression, a visual manifestation of individuality and we are delighted that, through our collaboration with Parapluie, we are able to include the procurement, installation and curation of contemporary works as part of our creative offer. We design with art in mind.”