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KSR Architects has over 40 years of experience delivering high-quality architecture, particularly across North London, including the Hampstead and Highgate areas. We are sensitive to the challenges and opportunities of working in conservation areas and with the unique listed buildings found in Highgate, N6.

We understand the different drivers that motivate property developers, investors, and homeowners and are happy to work with them to bring their dreams to fruition. With a proven track record in the design and delivery of both large-scale developments and exclusive private residences, our blend of design skills and construction knowledge means that we deliver outstanding solutions.

Quality Highgate Architects

Highgate is famed for its history, lush gardens, and low-scale, exclusive housing. KSR can add value to these properties by extending them whilst still maximizing natural light. Thoughtful integration between interior and exterior will enable internal spaces to flow seamlessly into the garden and create external rooms to further enhance the house.

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