Kenny Fu

Kenny has a great ability for creating quick and intuitive solutions to problems that can arise within the development of a design. His detail-oriented and slick approach to CAD is reflected in his smart dress sense.

Aaron Liu

Aaron is highly knowledgeable and always ready to advise and assist. His confident approach to design and production drawing has inspired the KSR China design team to believe that almost anything can be drawn and built.

Claire Jin

Claire quickly established herself in the China office as an integral member of the production team. She is known for delivering accurate information in a clear, efficient manner – and always with a smile.

Evan Peng

Upon joining KSR, Evan brought along two years of technical experiences being particularly sharp with component and assembly details. His skills allow for early assessment on the buildability of designs. As an aspiring designer, he is keen on participating in office design workshops where his ideas are a valuable asset to the team.

Evan is a family man who also enjoys a good game of badminton and lap swimming.

Wesley Wen

His relaxed personality has made Wesley a popular member of KSR China. He is a key member of the production information team, having gained significant experience at KSR, and is a competent English-speaker.