The Twins

The Twins Villa is a luxury contemporary villa located on a lush private island in the Caribbean. The 6 bedroom home combines two wings joined by a grand glass entrance immediately offering views of the beach. Named after it two rectilinear structures; one for sleeping and one for entertaining, this family retreat makes the most of the close proximity to the beach.

Large open plan entertaining area with floor to ceiling glass windows frame the panoramic views and spills out onto decking and an infinity pool. The bedroom windows are angled to add privacy from the main house and provide uninterrupted views. A simple palate of materials like stone, timber and concrete keep the house cool in the hot climate and also emulate the contemporary style the client wanted. A viewing tower adds an interesting element to the design and the conical structure helps focus the mono pitched roof. The roof is slightly raised on the north side to allow maximum sun penetration into angled south facing bedrooms which have screen and slanting windows for extra privacy. A lower ground floor contains an extensive games room and potential for more bedrooms.