The River House

Located on an expansive private lot surrounded by birch and pine forests, this unique site was very long and yet limited in width. The design centres around an internal courtyard that creates an internal gallery and sanctuary surrounded by sunlight and planting. This courtyard forms the arrival and the access to three wings; a staff and utility wing, a 6 bedroom family sleeping wing, and the living wing which comprises of both formal and family spaces for relaxing and entertainment, cinema, breakfast areas, and lounges, a study and cocktail area. A large statement staircase takes you to the first floor games room, kids den, gym and sauna. There is also a roof terrace and plunge pool for large entertaining.

The architectural design includes cooler colours being applied to the heavier masses of brickwork, while a contrasting darker colour palette is used for lighter weight screens and glazing frames. The building sits firmly anchored to the ground with a lightweight canopy hanging above from first floor. This creates the impression on a low rise building while also proving privacy and intimacy to the upper floors. The material and palette used for the facades resemble the colours of the surrounded landscapes during the dominant winter where it is snowing, like the trunks of the birch trees, whereas the black louvred screen standing out clearly in bold contrast to the surroundings, like the trunks of the pine trees.