Evan Peng

Upon joining KSR, Evan brought along two years of technical experiences being particularly sharp with component and assembly details. His skills allow for early assessment on the buildability of designs. As an aspiring designer, he is keen on participating in office design workshops where his ideas are a valuable asset to the team.

Evan is a family man who also enjoys a good game of badminton and lap swimming.

Paul Lu

Ever-reliable, Paul delivers most of the quality 3D renders for the China office. His diligence and patience ensure that design intents and details manifest clearly on visuals, in time for client presentations. Paul loves to run and swim, and rewards himself a good seafood feast on weekends.

Wesley Wen

His relaxed personality has made Wesley a popular member of KSR China. He is a key member of the production information team, having gained significant experience at KSR, and is a competent English-speaker.

Jenny Gao

Jenny has a confident and decisive approach to project management that is appreciated by all who work with her. She has been key to KSR China, delivering many projects and maintaining good relationships with clients and co-professionals.

Alexandra Stewart-Long

Alex Long joined KSR China in 2018 directly after graduating from De Montfort University with a Masters degree in Architecture. Her drive and passion in architecture come from a desire to leave a positive impact within the construction industry through designs that provide a higher quality of life. Coupled with her keen eye for detail, she often generates thought-provoking discussions within the office.

Alex is a well-travelled individual who enjoys meeting new people and experiencing local cultures alike often visiting different provinces in China during her time off. Out with the office, she enjoys hiking, horse riding, skiing, visiting galleries and exhibitions