Lululemon, Regent Street Window Display

KSR Architects won the RIBA Regent Street Competition to design an installation for Lululemon. We worked closely with retail design agency Luckfox to bring to life our concept. Lululemon’s core values of energy and wellness are focussed on their fictional brand ambassadors, Duke and Ocean, who are central to all decisions and became an integral part of the installation with a window based around each. Through looking at the strength and sculptural form of the human body, and the freedom and movement that it can achieve, it was broken down into organic defining contours and layered them into a contour map. The shape and scale of contours were manipulated to create an intricate and structurally interesting installation that embodied movement and the human form whilst still being bold, abstract and alluring.

The sculptural forms were layered with the colour scheme and branding from Sweatlife to develop a concept that would encompass the principles of the festival, combining an urban edge with the positive energy of Sweatlife into an eye-catching and visually stimulating illusion that responds to your viewpoint as you walk past. No two experiences of the Festival are the same much like your perception of the window.

KSR partner, Guy Ailion, acknowledged the influence of the strong Lululemon brand on their design, We were lucky to have such an incredible brand to work with. The Lululemon team wanted us to push past a product focused display toward something more sculptural and powerful.

The overall result is indeed a sculpture, rather than a piece of merchandising, that stands out on one of the busiest retail streets in London.