Vacant for over 5 years, the existing building which is owned by Martin’s Properties will be cleared to make way for Radnor Walk, KSR Architect’s mixed use scheme. The proposals lie within a conservation area and have been developed following extensive consultations with both RBKC and local interest groups.

The project includes 4 townhouses for rental, which are a modern interpretation of the existing houses on Radnor Walk. A three storey retail unit fronting the King’s Road responds to planning policy and local need since, despite being one of the world’s most recognised shopping streets, the King’s Road is mostly small individual shop units. Three apartments are located at 2nd and 3rd floors over the retail.


Radnor Walk visualisation

Following the existing pattern of small backlands development, the rear of the site is a 3 storey development for community use, accessed via an existing pedestrian route from Radnor Walk.

Work on site will start in late Autumn 2014.