Park VIllage Masterplan

The development concept is to create a unique neighbourhood in the form of a premium suburb and form a community of elite cottages. The site is adjacent to the Park and the design takes account of the maximum value that will be added by proximity to the forest.

The site is linear, with a uniquely favourable aspect to the south, which is also the abutment to the Park. Its linearity allows a large number of plots to have Park contact and the southern aspect means that both solar orientation and views of the Park are aligned.

Currently the site is disconnected from the Park with the road which gives access to the neighbourhood. The intention is that this road will be replaced with a new boulevard situated on the northern edge of the site. The new boulevard will also separate this new development site from the 9 storey apartment buildings currently under construction to the north.

The residential community is separated from the greater neighbourhood by a fence which includes a sound barrier to the new road on the north-east side. A number of facilities are planned to support the residential neighbourhood – recreation activity nodes for children in two age groups; a kindergarten; guest parking and complementary street furniture and landscape design.