Our Notting Hill Development granted permission

KSR Architects has received full planning permission to replace an industrial warehouse building with a new, modern mews to provide quality family homes.

Bordering the Ladbroke Road Conservation Area in Notting Hill, Railway Mews is a housing development of six contemporary 3-bed houses, all featuring private gardens and open plan living spaces. We paid careful attention to the surrounding urban context to create architecture that sits comfortably in a 720m2 enclosed back land site. The 3-storey buildings have been placed to create a landscaped courtyard space that will provide a peaceful and private mews development whilst being respectful of the existing and neighbouring urban fabric. Meticulous brickwork detailing and use of large windows are designed to articulate each house individually whilst also maintaining a harmonious architectural feel to the project.

Each house has its own distinguishable front entrance and private gardens have been placed to provide a green buffer between the living spaces and the circulation routes. The communal garden surrounded by silver birch trees provides privacy and screening, whilst the pergola guides residents down the path to their home. Timber slat fences provide opportunities for privacy but also light penetration and visual connections between the private gardens of the mews houses and the communal spaces.

‚ÄčA green wall masking the large flank boundary provides a lush green screen which will not only improve the visual out-look for all residents but will also improve the micro climate within the communal space. The introduction of the high-quality landscaping combined with the proposed green roofing will provide a significantly more attractive outlook for neighbouring properties.

The palette of stock brick with brass upper floor reflects the industrial heritage of the site whilst being visually softer. The materials chosen are of high quality and provide a calm and measured facade that is rich in texture. The thin elongated bricks are a contemporary take on the standard London stock brick. This is juxtaposed with the deep tone of bronze metal to the cladding and window frames. Brick recess details further add to the articulation and depth of the design.

The development incorporates sustainable features to deliver highly energy efficient homes for the occupants.