One with Nature

Zhujiaying Hotel Resort, Nanjing China

Nestled within the serene water reservoir and mountain cove of Zhujiaying in Nanjing, China, the project site is set to be the location foran exclusive leisure hotel villa. With a land development of 4.5 hectares, the project is composed of 14 building blocks with luxurious accommodation suitable for family holidays and business travel.

Each of the 3-level units is orientated towards the lake and is equipped with its own leisure and entertainment facilities underground.The master plan design is influenced by the strong visual axis of the lake.The natural topography of the site was used to extend the "water" to run through the centre of the development. This has become the visual reference for all the internal and external functions of the hotel. Individual patios and courtyards are submerged into the lake to create more intimate and immersive interaction with nature.

Excellence Century Centre Installation sketch