Nature and Wellbeing Centre

Nature Reserve Competition Entry

Our nature and wellbeing centre located in a wildlife park combines natural materials and strategic planning to create a stunning building that blends seamlessly into the woods, perfect for bird watching and taking in the beautiful scenery.

The building celebrates the landscape rather than the landscape framing the building. The roof is the principal architectural expression, highest on the south allowing deep sunlight penetration and inviting visitors in. Pergolas cast dynamic shadows and control summer sun. The roof slopes and curls down toward the lake like a birds wing.

The site is a famous bird sanctuary with hundreds species, including many rare ones, so special attention was paid to materials and construction methods. Minimal disturbance to the surroundings ensured the ecosystem was undisrupted and the site could function straight away.

As well as promoting wellbeing education is also an important aspect of this scheme. An outdoor amphitheatre allows for immersive presentations and large indoor spaces, flooded with natural light, can be used for workshops. Treatment rooms and exhibition spaces overlook the lake with large windows to blend the inside and outside worlds. Lightweight columns gently frame the views and give a discreet lakeside elevation. Staff and Back of House areas have planted roofs, blending discreetly into the existing embankment.