Nanjing Niushou Mountain Masterplan

KSR China competition entry together with Landscape Design Insitute D Grand

KSR China's Nanjing Niushou Mountain Masterplan and landscape design required the development and protection of the historical Buddha relics in a new pagoda on the top of the mountain. Relying on its unique landscape and cultural background, it aims to create an eco-cultural tourism for the region whilst embodying the spirit of the Buddhist religion.

The design concept came from the Buddhist principle of the spiritual journey, and the principle of mans pursuit of happiness or Nirvana. The design aims to embody the notion of being in search of and ultimately finding something throughout the whole scenic core, with the 3.2 km fire-route access both leading to the summit of Niushuo mountain.

The first image in this gallery is credited to our design partners Landscape Design Insitute D Grand.

Nanjing Niushou Mountain Masterplan sketch