KSR have undergone a slight makeover recently, replacing the previous hexagonal icons with a sharper and simplified look based on the KSR logo.

Without wanting to go with an entirely different look the new design was first based on the original hexagonal used throughout KSR branding. By starting with the angles of the hexagon we built up a grid system.

From this grid system we developed a series of shapes to represent the different sectors we work in; residential, homes, masterplanning, interiors, heritage, commercial and leisure. Combining shapes and images together with shots of colour kept the layouts and images contemporary and interesting with larger images interspersed throughout.

From here we went on to personalise the shapes even more bringing in the angle from the logo. This new grid was more unusual than the classic 80 degree angle you get from standard shapes. We then decided to pair down the images and keep them clear and unobstructed. As these were for the new book we wanted them to be as clear as possible, using subtle cuts and repeat shapes to inform the layouts.

The new KSR brochure is a selection of our best new works covering a range of sectors including our interiors and China office. We kept layouts simple and included concept sketches to help break up the imagery and help the book breathe.

Also as part of our new direction we discuss our own design principles and thoughts on placemaking. Using diagrams and colour to fully illustrate quite a conceptual idea.