KSR ReBranding

KSR Interiors was founded last year as the interior designers for KSR Architects turn-key projects and as interior designers for other projects in their own right. Incubated within a strong architectural practice and already with years of interior design experience in the luxury market, the design team has been incredibly successful and has seen rapid growth. The team has doubled in size twice this year and won several high-end private residential projects and luxury restaurants and continues to expand, into commercial and hospitality sectors. The team’s vision is to take their expertise in high-end super prime residential into commercial and start-up offices, and hospitality design where their experienced approach to curating comfortable homes and spaces of human-centred design is becoming essential in these domains.
With a new part of the business comes a new logo. KSR Architects is now KSR Architects & Interior Designers. We hope this new branding helps clients recognise the benefits of a holistic approach to architecture and interiors, and efficiency and expertise it brings to all projects, regardless of whether they are only Architectural commissions, only interiors, collaborations, or turn-key. Within our Camden office we are one big happy family!

Stationery & Branded Material

Architectural Project Brochure

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