KSR showcases its edible designs

KSR is showcasing its finest edible designs in the first Museum of Architecture’s Gingerbread City, an exhibition of over 100 architecturally designed gingerbread buildings.

We have designed two buildings, a mixed-used residential and retail development in Pancake Rise,

plus a retail block in Unite d’Hobnob that featured in The Telegraph daily newspaper.

The pop-up exhibition space for the Gingerbread City is located at 10 Thurloe Place in the centre of London’s museum quarter in South Kensington from December 7 to December 22. Visitors will be able to marvel at the different gingerbread buildings along a virtual river route through the heart of the gingerbread city.

There are awards for the most original, creative and interesting designs. There will also be an award for the building that receives the most votes. Be sure to pop along to the exhibition to see our buildings and cast your vote – we knead your votes!

Images taken by Luke Hayes.