China Office

KSR’s China office in Shenzhen was established in 2004 by Sonny Chen who had previously spent 7 years as a senior member of staff in KSRs London office. We have enthusiastically participated in the growing Chinese market with an array of innovative high-rise solutions which have been developed with assistance from our London office. The project cycle in the Chinese market is relatively short, which enables us to test and evaluate our design results in practical situations. At the same time, we are also working with Chinese customers to find market opportunities, striving for innovation, and sharing our direction and goals.

KSR中国深圳公司是由Sonny Chen在2004年所创办,他曾在KSR英国公司任职7年,是公司资深成员。在英国总部的支援下,已经成功地研发出一系列针对中国市场创新的高层建筑的设计方向。中国的市场项目周期相对是非常短的,这也使我们能够在实际情况下测试和评估我们的设计成果。同时,我们与中国客户也一起寻找市场机会,努力创新,分享我们的方向和目标.