IO House Interiors

Our clients wanted a Black and White interior with a clean, ultra-contemporary design aesthetic that would embrace technology and innovative art. To soften the stark contrast between black and white, the design team incorporated subtle textures and a range of intermediate grey colours into the spaces. By adding fume glass and mixing matt textures with glossy textures the spaces became dynamic and tactile while still appearing clean and sophisticated. The adventurous nature of the client allowed the design team to include a chrome slide for the kids to get between the three floors, moving digital walls, holograms, earthquake level cinema experience, digitally controlled water features, and state of the art automation systems throughout the house. Coming from a disruptive start-up technology industry, the client was focused on sustainability and innovation. The interiors and architecture conceal a complex system of technology, moving parts, and sustainable engineering to maintain the houses autonomy off grid.

KSR are also the architects of the project. For more click here.