Early this year, the design team engaged into conceiving a vision for the future skyscraper for the eVolo 2016. Rethinking how advances in technology and social transformation will shape architecture, we have opened our minds and aspirations towards the future. We envisioned the dawn of vertical hospitals and new-age emergency response system that aim to forward the development of holistic healthcare and humanitarian aid all over the world.

The proposal demonstrates a modular system in which pods and drones are a vital component in the medical and healthcare procedure. The flying pod for instance is a modern hybrid between an ambulance and an operating room that can administer medical care on site and in extreme cases brought to the headquarter. The drones are seen to ease distribution of humanitarian relief even in difficult locations. These components define the overall density and form of the HQ and out-station corresponding with the demands of the respective region or city it is for.

Visualizing the future requires a keen observation of the developments of the present time and a great sense of imagination which our design team aims to cultivate.
前些日子,KSR的设计团队参与了一个构想未来摩天大楼的设计Evolo 2016,重新思考如何透过当今的科技和社会文明演变成未来世界的建筑趋势,让自由心证来启发我们对未知的触动。我们构思了垂直式医院和新纪元的紧急救护系统来推进整合全世界的所有医疗和人道主义的救援体系。