Les Koski

Les Koski

Les founded KSR with Richard Solomon and has been responsible for many award-winning designs including Pavilion Apartments and Phillimore Square.

He specialises in the masterplanning of large residential developments, and enjoys creating innovative solutions for challenging sites. His thoughtful approach to design enables him to challenge preconceptions and optimise efficiency.

Les’s passions include aviation, metalwork and sculpture, all of which influence his designs. He has designed and constructed his family house on a difficult restricted infill site in Islington.

Shaghayegh A

Shaghayegh Arabishirazi

Shaghayegh has a Bachelor Degree in architecture from Azad University of Tehran and has completed her Masters in Architecture from University of Westminster in 2019.

She is a thoughtful and versatile designer with strong creative skills who particularly enjoys problem solving and taking on new challenges.

In her free time, Shaghayegh enjoys playing the violin and creating craftwork

Cosmin Stefan

Cosmin graduated from University of Urban Planning and Architecture `Ion Mincu` from Bucharest, where he completed his Master degree in Architecture. Before moving to London, he worked on a wide range of residential projects in his native Romania and was also firmly involved in many international competitions.

His passion for architecture and drawing, combined with a strong interest for art, photography and literature helped him to develop strong conceptual skills, a sense of design aesthetic and a good knowledge in digital visualisation.

Outside the office, Cosmin is interested in sports like football and tennis, and also loves to travel and be surrounded by nature.

Mike Flanagan

Michael Flanagan

Michael was educated in South Africa and graduated with a Masters of Architecture from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Before moving to London he worked both in Johannesburg and Durban on a variety of projects including the new SPU library and the 2016 Venice biennale exhibition Reporting From The Front.

With a strong interest in the arts, sociology and the built environment Michael uses his knowledge to create experiences across many different briefs, ensuring that the finished design is both appealing and thought provoking.

Anna Bateson

Anna Bateson


Anna completed her Undergraduate and Masters at University of Edinburgh, where she was awarded a prize for best work completed in a year. Anna is passionate about creating beautiful spaces that improve people’s lives. Always looking for ways to make a project as sustainable as possible she enjoys master-planning, cultural, educational, transport and residential projects.

Lito Ongtangco

Lito has been with KSR and practiced architecture in China for nine years. His calm and incisive demeanor combined with design flair, professional skills and experience has made him an esteemed and trusted senior member of KSR. L2 loves to travel and explore diverse cultures and cuisines.

Danilo Sumagui

As a senior member, he has been responsible for many significant projects. Dan’s extensive experience in design development and production has made him a valuable member of the team.

Kenny Fu

Kenny has a great ability for creating quick and intuitive solutions to problems that can arise within the development of a design. His detail-oriented and slick approach to CAD is reflected in his smart dress sense.

Shawn Leishman

Shawn joined KSR China in 2016 after graduating with a Masters degree in Architecture from the University of Dundee. Shawn particularly enjoys seeing a design translate from paper to reality and the rewarding satisfaction of seeing people enjoy his designs after completion. He is particularly talented at creating thought-provoking design concepts and successfully developing a strong architectural language.

With his talent for speaking five languages and a strong understanding of culture, Shawn excels in the international environment. Outside of work, Shawn is a keen photographer and a talented badminton player.

Marcelino Malabana

Having worked at KSR China for almost nine years, Mar has led some remarkable projects in China. Beyond his easy going personality is a comprehensive knowledge of design and experience in creative and technical problem solving. Mar is passionate about cars and 3d model-making.