Ziggy Stardust-Cooke

MSt (Master of Sit)

Ziggy trained at the prestigious Cooke Dog School, where he qualified top of his class as a Whippet. With over 2 years of experience in the UK, Ziggy currently specialises in ‘sit’, and is working towards ‘roll over’ and ‘high five’. In his spare time, Ziggy enjoys fetch, long walks, and sniffing out treats.

Sabina Vojtiskova

Sabina brings her attention to detail and broad experience to her role as Front of House Manager at KSR.

Sabina is well travelled and holds a BA in Marketing from Charles University in Prague and a MA in Public Relations from Middlesex University in London. Before joining KSR, Sabina worked in PR roles in both Copenhagen and Prague where she supporting local fashion brands, architects and designers.

Outside work Sabina enjoys staying active whether running, skiing or training as a yoga instructor. Regularly found exploring London galleries, Sabina is particularly interested in abstract art and also paints in her spare time.

Sophie Sun

Sophie has cheerfully managed the China office for over 8 years and is central to its success. Her skills and versatility ensure that the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

Pernille Tomkins

Pernille Tomkins

It is fair to say that Pernille (pronounced PER-NILL-A) runs KSR! As Office Manager she keeps us all under control. She may sound American when she answers the phone, but she assures us that she is Norwegian.