Hualian City Business Center

Shenzhen, China

The vision for the new Hualian Business Center is the one of tranquillity and comfort. Aimed to complement the prevailing architecture of the office block, similar lines and materiality were used in the interior. The design also provided a featured contrast into the main space juxtapose to the existing design of walls and structure. It is most evident in the sales activity area where the garden sweeps through the interior to free-form discussion pods and lounges. These provided cosy and exclusive spaces for the guests. Particular elements and ornamentation were inspired by the stillness of nature which brought in warmth and zen ambience to the prim nature of the international business.

Hualian Business Center is located within the Nanshan Central Business District of Shenzhen. The over-all development consists of five buildings intended for local and international business enterprise.

Excellence Century Centre Installation sketch