Our exciting regenerative mixed-use project, 101 Camley Street, has been featured in Design Exchange, the acclaimed design magazine and online platform.

Below is an extract from the article, and the original can be found on DE here.

Projects have been blossoming in the King’s Cross and St Pancras area over the past 5 years. From a derelict area dominated by a massive railway infrastructure, a new borough was born, making the most of the urban landscape already there, and transforming the area in a really strategic space at a city scale.

The regeneration of this area was quite a challenge as it represented a key area for the future of Central London. Whats more, the magnitude of the project added a challenging dimension as such a wide space needs master planning and collaboration to work properly you dont create a new neighbourhood just by building houses next to each other: you need to invest in a framework and public equipment, so that people can live together in the space created.

Camley Street aerial view

One key actor in this successful regeneration is KSR Architects. Alongside AHMM and Glenn Howells Architects, they won the New London award last year for 101, 102 and 103 Camley street projects, strategic gateway linking Kings Cross and Camden Town. The collaboration between the 3 architectural practices allowed for an innovative and clever design.

This regeneration project, consisting of three separate but interlinked sites, was praised by the judges, who awarded it as the unbuilt winner for its contribution to the public realm, [which] enhanced the canal frontage [thanks to] a mixed-use development [on which] the three architects collaborated together to come up with a good solution. Adjacent to Regents Canal, the project also delivers significant sustainable economic and community benefits.

Camley Street Sustainability Diagram

Leading the 101 Camley street project, KSR developed a scheme comprising 121 apartments including 25% affordable housing, 2.200 sqm of flexible commercial space, a new canal footbridge and a range of residents landscaped amenity areas.

The site occupies a pivotal location within both the Regents Canal and Kings Cross Conservation Areas. The stepped form of the building responds to its immediate context: it acts as a transition in term of scale and height and provides at the same time, the opportunity for terraced amenity and allotment areas for residents.

After going through the planning process successfully, KSR is now heading towards the next stage for this project. It will form, along with 102 and 103, an integrated urban complex which will shape the future of this strategic area.