Camden Chandelier 01

The Camden Chandelier, a pop-up public artwork, will be located at the iconic Britannia junction outside Camden Town Underground Station for the duration of the festival taking place on 13th-15th May 2014.

We are delighted to be participating in the festival, which aims to celebrate the existing community of creative enterprises in the area, and attract new businesses.

Britannia junction is a significant and key confluence of views and thoroughfares and the perfect location for an artwork that represents this hidden community – and is just a stone’s throw from our studio!

Working closely alongside ARUP and DW Plastics, the free standing public pavilion has been designed to be installed quickly – overnight, making innovative use of a lightweight theatre and stage truss system that is hoisted up to hang over 640 multi-coloured and translucent tubes above the pedestrian square.

The perfect square of compact coloured tubes in the Camden Chandelier represents the incredibly dense community of multi-disciplined creative businesses in Camden today. The tubes are hung like a kaleidoscopic wind chimes, allowing them to move and shapeshift in the wind. Each little collision represents the conversations, interactions, and networking being promoted between people.

“KSR has been part of this hidden creative community for over 30 years so we were determined to do something ambitious and most importantly bright and colourful to represent the festival’s core mantra for exploration, discovery, and exposure.”
Les Koski, Partner, KSR Architects

Camden Chandelier 02

The festival is part of a wider strategy implemented by the organisers, Camden Town Unlimited promoting Camden Town as a place to work, live and visit.

Camden Chandelier 03