Camden Chandelier

Regional Finalist in the 2016 Civic Trust Awards

KSR Architects won the competition to design the Camden Chandelier, a public pavilion and art sculpture to represent the creative community of Camden Town, London. We were incredibly excited by this project, which was commissioned by Camden Town Unlimited as part of their inaugural creative business festival, Camden Create 2014.

The location and concept demanded something beautiful and dramatic that was not only visually representative of the brief, but also created a place to meet for passer-bys. The kaleidoscopic sculpture was nicknamed by the media the Camden Chandelier as it was made from over 640 colourful tubes swaying like an iridescent windchime. The perfect square shape was alive and animated in the summer breeze, and became a destination point for the thousandsof daily Camden visitors. This project team was a collaboration with Arup, DW Plastics and Build Is Everything.